Buying Arizona Homes

Financing Your Dream Home

The single biggest factor in the purchase of a new home is always the price. The key at this pont, is to shop around and find the best interest rate and program possible, one that fits your needs both as a home owner and home buyer. The lower the interest rate, the more homes become affordable, and the more options you have as a buyer. Financing your dream home is a huge undertaking, and there are as many mortgage options as there are homes. Be diligent and educate yourself - find a mortgage bank that works for you. Weigh all your options and find a product that suits all of your needs.

Ideally, a buyer will have obtained financing before starting their home search. This affords them a fundamental understanding of what price range makes sense for them. This process not only saves time, but more importantly, it expedites the purchase process making it more effective and efficient. There is nothing worse than finding your perfect home, only to realize that it falls outside your comfort zone. Additionally, many sellers will not even consider your offer unless it is accompanied by a Loan Status Request. This is a document that provides proof to the seller that you have been pre-qualified to purchase their property, and that the mortgage bank will not allow your loan to fall out of escrow.

If you are considering financing your dream home, allow me to get the process started for you! Fill out the mortgage application form and one of my mortgage partners will contact you as soon as possible. They will be able to get you pre-qualified and have a Loan Status Report faxed to you without delay.

Feel free to contact me anytime! I will be more than happy to assist you with all aspects of your loan application.