Arizona Real Estate Trends

Arizona is continually rated among the most prosperous and livable states in the nation, a trend analysts expect to continue for many years. With its booming high-tech economy, tourism popularity, and abundance of scenic desert property, Arizona real estate has long been among the top markets for investment return, with some areas garnering 20 per cent annually. New home sales have been a big part of the local real estate success story, with median values commonly rising $6-10,000 per month. Whether you're looking for a short term investment property, or a first home that will collect value as you pay down your mortgage, it's worth the time spent getting to know Arizona area real estate.

Arizona homes for sale aren't the only hot properties here, either. The state's diverse economy has attracted workers from across the country in high-tech, manufacturing, filmmaking, and tourism, increasing demand for all types of property. The State Capital Phoenix is now a leader in the Southwest for its concentration of corporate headquarters in downtown's Copper Square, and elsewhere in the metroplex. Fortune 500 companies such as Avnet and Phelps Dodge Corporation, as well as other top companies like American Express, Intel, Motorola, and Honeywell all make their homes in Phoenix, helping make investment return for Phoenix corporate headquarters and industrial real estate among the nation's highest.

While the Arizona real estate buying frenzy has slowed, the property market is still as busy as ever, with many urban home for sale listings selling within a month. From a selling perspective, Arizona's steady growth, and continued influx of buyers means the demand for property will continue long into the future. A free comparative market analysis can show you just how much equity you have in your home. Even if you bought only 12 months ago, you may be positively surprised.

From a buying perspective, present market conditions make it an excellent time to acquire real estate. Many sellers are now offering incentives, and deals well below prices generated in recent extremely competitive quarters. Buyers in Arizona can now be creative and seek out exactly the type of deal which suits them best.

Whether you're in the market for a beautiful Arizona home, or looking for an edge over other local home sellers, consider working with a top Arizona Realtor. The decision could bring you a significant increase in wealth in a years time.